Next Door Lounge

Hollywood, CA

Following a change of business ownership, Next Door Lounge is currently under a major overhaul to reflect an updated design concept and operating structure. From the moment you encounter the dapper doorman, you’ll feel transported to the glamour and forbidden excitement of the speakeasy age. Behind the towering iron doors lies a dynamic den where artisanal cocktails take center stage set in an ambience when Hollywood was a mere ingénue at the start of its illustrious career. Jazz plays in the background while black and white films flicker on the wall, recalling the stars of the silver screen who once reveled in the hidden bars of Tinsel Town.

Several intimate vignettes donned with rich leather couches, high-back chairs, and antiqued cocktail tables create a comfortable setting for guests to be absorbed in casual conversation as spirited servers in little drop waist dresses deliver handcrafted cocktails in the dimly lit drinkery. Larger groups of revelers enjoy libations and delectable bites at the two communal dining tables situated near the front by the frosted-glass windows that have the tendency to cultivate curiosity from passers-by wondering about the mysterious silhouettes bustling inside.


    Property Details
  • Location

    1154 N Highland Ave
  • Architect

  • Use

    Lounge (full entertainment & liquor license)
  • Size

    6,700 SF
  • Tenant

    Next Door Lounge
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