Orange Flats

Hollywood, CA

Situated just off of the bustling Santa Monica & La Brea intersection and behind Onni's 231-unit project, Orange Flats will feature 24 premium one and two-bedroom residences. The development draws inspiration from an 'al fresco' connection to personal exterior space and outdoor lifestyle concept, and thus will feature a generous amount of terracing outdoor space per unit angled 15 degrees to the West of the Boulevard, as well as a landscaped rooftop deck that will sit 54-feet above ground level. The weight-shifting facade is composed of cement board panels, large format porcelain slim tiles and perforated metal screens.


    Property Details
  • Location

    1130-1134 N. Orange Dr.
  • Architect

  • Use

  • Size

    43,000 SF (24 Units)
  • Completion