Founded in 1979, MCAP Partners is a privately-held real estate investment and development firm headquartered in Hollywood, CA. MCAP specializes in identifying and acquiring undervalued properties in key high barrier to entry locations as well as assets with strong repositioning potential in gateway markets. Leveraging a vertically integrated, operationally focused approach to project development, MCAP has consistently executed creative strategies across diverse asset classes.


MCAP was founded by Albert Massachi, who came to America at the age of 16 to flee the Iranian Revolution that was overtaking his home country. After college, he worked as both a French restaurant chef and car mechanic until he was able to save enough money to purchase his first investment property in Hollywood. Utilizing high-leverage loans, Albert started strategically acquiring real estate until his younger brother Jacques Massachi joined the firm two years later. With over 70 years of combined experience, the Massachi brothers have set an impressive track record of returns through immersive developments that greatly enhance the cityscape and surrounding communities. The brothers are actively involved in the governance structures under which they do business, holding board positions in leading committees to advise on city planning, zoning, business improvement, commerce, cleanliness, safety and environmental care.



MCAP is an opportunistic company; the firm specializes in identifying undervalued assets which require repositioning through entitlements, building conversion, or operational turnaround. The firm has successfully purchased development sites with entitlement issues, operationally challenged assets, and historical properties in need of restoration. MCAP focuses on creating and accessing attractive investment opportunities through its proprietary relationships; the firm’s principals maintain close relationships with global financial institutions, regional brokers, lenders, strategic operating partners, local property owners, lawyers, advisors, and other market players.

Active management creates, protects and enhances value. The firms takes a direct “hands on” approach to development, construction, property management and operations. Led by senior management, MCAP's asset management of operating assets is focused on growing existing income and controlling costs while maintaining service levels. For each investment, emphasis is placed on long-term strategic planning and superior business plan execution at each stage of the project.


As a majority property owner in Hollywood, MCAP has completed over 100 transactions in this submarket and the greater Los Angeles metropolitan region. The firm maintains a direct network of relationships with the major property owners, advisors and brokers, providing opportunities to source first-look and off-market transactions. MCAP's deep understanding of local zoning, community groups and the political landscape enables it to pursue complex land use and entitlement opportunities. The company's experience with ground-up development, repositioning, and renovations, including historical assets, allows it to successfully manage the complexities of development in Los Angeles.


MCAP's development expertise includes ground-up construction, repositioning, and renovations. The firm has developed and repositioned a wide array of projects including luxury residential condominiums, multifamily properties, office buildings, boutique hotels and mixed-use. The company's knowledge of each aspect of the development process, coupled with an execution driven approach, provides a strategic advantage in completing projects in difficult-to-build markets.


Project managers direct each step of the pre-development process including entitlements, design, budgeting, scheduling and financing.


Knowledge of local zoning requirements and experience working directly with municipalities, community groups and local stakeholders to pursue and modify complex land use entitlements.


Experience working with the world’s top architects, interior design firms, and other design consultants which are directly managed by MCAP's in-house design professionals.


Expertise in structuring and financing complex development projects through established relationships with construction lenders and life insurance companies.


In-house construction management team supervises each stage of building construction and third-party general contractors.


Hands-on operations focus and asset management, combined with strategic operating partners, drive incremental performance through improved operations.