7001 Santa Monica

West Hollywood, CA

7001 Santa Monica is currently being re-entitled under LA's Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) Housing Incentive Program as a Tier 3 location to increase density from 82 to 105 units and push the building from 13 to 16 stories. When complete, 7001 Santa Monica will be the tallest structure in the bordering West Hollywood neighborhood, situated across the street from Onni's planned 231-unit residential project and one block east of the Dylan Apartments.

Sitting prominently along the Santa Monica Boulevard corridor, this unique 13-story mixed-use building is comprised of stacked 2-story dwelling units above a ground floor restaurant. Paying homage to the industrial nature of the context – simple stout buildings that reflect their use and structure, 7001 Santa Monica is comprised of concrete, metal, and glass in a simple unified composition that stretches vertically to reveal lofty interior spaces. The structural nature of concrete construction is expressed with columns that extend from the sidewalk and thin, exposed floor slabs. In contrast to the minimal fenestrations often seen in industrial buildings, the lofty units with large expanses of transparent glass and wrap-around balconies emanate residential character.

The ground floor pedestrian environment is enhanced with widened sidewalks, shade trees, and restaurant that blends the indoor / outdoor experience to create 24/7 activity. Atop the roof lies the architectural gem – a transparent minimal glass club house – sitting among two patios and a pool where 360-degree views are afforded. Overall, the result is a simple expression of structure with residential character-defining elements and a pedestrian-friendly environment.

​The landscape design blurs the transition between Santa Monica Boulevard's rigid industrial environment to the soft landscape of the local mountains north. In relation to the architectural composition, the hardscape peels open to reveal plant life - the warm, soft, and delicate contrast to the architecture


    Property Details
  • Location

    Santa Monica & Orange
  • Architect

    Steinberg Hart
  • Use

    Mixed-Use (16 Stories)
  • Size

    185,000 SF (105 units)
  • Completion